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Wreaths are 11X17 in size and designed with picture and 1 color mesh only (you may add additional colors at $10 per color). Also, for an additional $10, you may add accessories such as, earrings, make-up, flowers, clothes, etc. (Accessories are chosen upon designer's discretion. i.e.: Customer wants red earrings, designer may choose shiny, matte, glitter, stud, hoop, etc.). Wreaths are uniquely designed so no designs are the same, please know above images are numbered. Please let us know in the description box if you see a template you would like to use. ***If you want to upload your own picture, there will be an $10 upload fee. Please upload any files conducive to your design and ensure that they are good quality pictures. ***Tell us your ideas and what number canvas you would like if not uploading personal photo.


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